Heat pump sound insulation

Buying a heat pump is a smart move. You take care of the environment and

profit from affordable energy for your heating installation. But does the loud

noise of your heat pump bother you – or your neighbours?

Then SonoMuro has news for you!


Our team produces ingenious casings for heat pumps.

We call it: the SonoKit. It dampens the unpleasant noise of your heat pump,

without affecting its efficiency.


To top it all off, the SonoKit-casing is easy on the eye.

No unattractive construction that spoils your garden views, but an elegant,

wooden casing that takes out any noise nuisance.


Heat pump noise: a thing of the past

The SonoKit is a wooden acoustic casing that stylishly conceals your device.

It dampens the operating noise effectively so you can enjoy all the benefits

of your heat pump – in absolute peace and quiet.


Heat pump noise insulation that fits your garden perfectly?

Discover more about the SonoKit: contact us now!